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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Published Part Deux

The second story from my Shanghai stay has been published here:

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Hallmark Holiday

Happy Valentine's Day to all.  Given that we have a potential hefty hospital bill (30% deductible) coming our way from the out-of-network surgery we did not do anything extravagant.  As is our normal tradition, we celebrated the night before at Son Cubano, a new swank restaurant/nightclub-wannabe that opened in our complex.  On the Hallmark holiday itself, we ordered Domino's pizza and watched a Charlie Brown Valentine and then Jenn's movie-of-choice: "The Way We Were"

On Sunday, Jenn gave me the mother of all scares.  She had been off of her anti-seizure medication for exactly one week.  In the middle of the night while we were sleeping, she began to seemingly convulse in her sleep.  Thinking that she was having a seizure I leaped out of bed and fumbled blindly for the light.  As I frantically checked if she was okay, she woke up blurry-eyed smiling and mumbled about how funny her dream had been.  She had actually been chuckling heartily to herself in her sleep!

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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Hoppy New Year

We had an ambivalent trip to Sloan Kettering today.  The good news: the tumor was small, it was incidentally discovered, Jenn is young, the surgery was successful, and she has always been asymptomatic.  The bad news: this type of class II tumor will grow back at which point we might need to strongly consider radiation or chemotherapy both of which have potential irreversible long-term side-effects not to mention the immediate ramifications.  For the moment we are resigned to monitoring the situation and we have a follow-up MRI on March 10 where they should also have the results of some additional genetic 1p/19q testing.  The main takeaways were that Jenn is very unique and all the studies, statistics, and info you read on the Internet will never be 100% applicable to our situation so do not read too much into it.  Did that stop her?  Of course not and I caught Jenn watching YouTube videos of brain surgery!

"When it gets dark enough you can see the stars." - Charles Austin Beard (a great quote we heard from a good friend)

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Short-Term Assignment: Take 2

Back in October through December of 2010, I got my second opportunity to work abroad (click here for Take 1)  I am adding this now because my story has been published! 

It's not a literary, print, or travel magazine but was an invaluable resource to me while I was in China and with almost 700,000 members and over 3 million viewers per month, I am still quite proud.  Check out Part I:

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