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Friday, March 11, 2011

Birthday Update

On Jenn's birthday eve, we had what my manager astutely called the baseline MRI for what will become a long chronicle of tests and visits to Sloan Kettering.  We were thrilled and relieved to hear that everything looked fine.  There was some obvious scarring which is expected but nothing abnormal and the doctor said it looked great.  The one hiccup came when we asked for the results of the genetic test (1p/19q).  Apparently, the pathology department over at Cornell Med was not willing to part with any tissue samples so they were unable to run any tests.  Jenn is planning on taking a trip over to the hospital to demand her brain cells but other than that, we had a lot to celebrate for this year's birthday.  On the day of her birth, we had a very nice private dinner at 508 with 10 close friends.  Unlimited wine and a delicious prix fixe menu (thank you Denise) led to an interesting and long night.

On Saturday, a very hungover Jenn took it easy and enjoyed some homemade pizzas that I made. The less photogenic fig and prosciutto pie was a big hit.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to friends in Japan and to all the victims of the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

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